Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blog of Quotes

Why Tracing Echoes?  It's hard to find a blog address that ISN'T taken.  :-)  Plus, echo is another word for "quotes".

I love quotes and I felt like the quotes I posted on my blog Hope, Wish, Dream and Love were filed all over the place so I've decided to make a separate blog just for the quotes I love and find online.  It's just a way to separate them from the mundane musings of my life.  Plus I'm converting some of my photos and adding quotes to the images (which have been really fun).

I've been using the FX Photo Studio app to filter my photos and using the Art Text 2 app to add text.  All photos are taken by me, UNLESS stated below the photo with a link, like the example on this post.  That is obviously not taken by me, I'm not that talented!!  :-)

Here's a lovely saying, not really a quote, from a tumblr site:

photo via Infinite'Smile!

I hope you enjoy finding quotes on here!  I love to meditate on inspiring words so I'll have fun with this blog and I hope you do too.

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